Our Services

Appraisal or gem identification

Jewelry by Andrew offers our customers written appraisals for insurance purposes as well as oral appraisals to give customers an idea of the current retail value of their pieces of jewelry. We are able, in many cases, to identify and separate natural gems from synthetic man made stones. We can name your gemstone and often tell you the source or part of the world it came from.

Bead stringing

Our staff at Jewelry by Andrew can repair broken pearls or any other bead necklaces by restringing it. Most pearl restringing is done for aesthetic reasons. With time, silk gets dark between the pearls and we can replace it with new white silk cord, giving your pearl necklace a new, fresh appearance.


Our staff at Jewelry by Andrew can convert a model of any piece of jewelry made from wax to any precious metal of your choosing. We can also make a copy of your favorite ring and cast it in a different metal.

Laser Service

Since 2010, Jewelry by Andrew offers a laser as an important tool for complicated Jewelry and watch repair services. Using the laser, we can weld steel parts of watch bands or glasses, and do welding repairs very close to heat sensitive gem stones, which is something we could not do before. Working with the laser increases the precision and strength of bonding welded parts.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry by Andrew offers an extensive jewelry repair service. Most orders are completed within a few days. Same day service is available as well, by appointment. Since 2010 we offer laser technology that can be applied to steel watch bands and glasses repair, in addition to working with silver, gold, and platinum.

Jewelry Restoration

Jewelry restoration can be as simple as detailed polishing, to give any piece of jewelry a fresh look, or it can be more involved with prongs, shanks, and other parts, replacement.

Insurance replacement

Jewelry by Andrew works with all insurance agencies to replace your lost piece of jewelry.


By fabrication, we at Jewelry by Andrew, mean forming metal to achieve an artistic, desired shape, size, and function.

Watch Maintenance

To ensure the top condition of your watch, we recommend that you bring your high quality watch once every 5 years, at the minimum, for COA – clean, oil & adjust. This service involves taking the watch apart, washing off old, used, broken down oil and reassembling it with new oil and gaskets. Pressure testing is also a part of this service and it should be administrated even if you only needed a battery replacement.

Watch Repair

Jewelry by Andrew offers comprehensive watch repair and maintenance service. While you are in our shop we can replace a battery or adjust your watch band to fit your wrist perfectly. For more complicated services we would keep your time piece and submit it to our CW21 certified, Rolex approved, excellent watchmaker for a free estimate. We service most high grade watch brands including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Omega, Movado, Rado, Patek Philippe, Ebel, as well as vintage pocket watches.