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Wear and tear is something we all expect from our car’s tires, our favorite pair of jeans or a comfortable pair of shoes. Many people don’t realize that jewelry is also a wear and tear item…only a lot more valuable. Just like in other industries there are jewelers who will tell you that your ring needs replacing or your tennis bracelet is worn out. Often, this is simply a sales tactic to get you to buy a new ring or bracelet, or to get you to sell the jeweler your jewelry at scrap so they can turn around and re-sell it at a HUGE profit. While unethical, this is not illegal, because the consumer (you) has agreed to this transaction. Come to Jewelry by Andrew and get a second opinion!For over two decades, Andrew of Jewelry by Andrew has been repairing and restoring fine jewelry. Andrew has worked on intricate antique bracelets, fragile emerald rings, tanzanite pendant s and delicate opal bracelets. He is a GIA certified Master Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist who has been awarded the title of “Best Jeweler” by the most prestigious jewelry stores in Kansas City. Now that Andrew has a full-service repair shop within his own store, he is able to offer his award-winning service at fantastic prices, directly to customers.
All work, from repairing a broken prong and shortening a necklace, to creating a custom engagement ring, is done in house. With his state of the art laser welder, Andrew can repair the most intricate antique jewelry, as well as anything with opals, emeralds or tanzanites. He can fix broken chains, size rings, repair broken prongs and replace missing diamonds while you wait. From start to finish, Andrew and his staff will go over every detail to insure that you, the customer, are 1000% happy with the finished product.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!
“I had seen a designer engagement ring in a magazine and wanted it for my engagement ring…until I saw how much it cost. A friend told me about Andrew so my boyfriend and I went to see him. I brought my picture along. Andrew said that he could make me a ring just like the picture, built to my specifications for about 1/3 of what the designer ring cost. He brought in many center diamonds for us to look at, all GIA or EGL certified. He gave us an amazing price on the diamond and the ring was absolutely perfect. I am so happy that I visited Jewelry by Andrew, and we will be back!”
Jenny G.
“I had an ugly old S-style tennis bracelet in yellow gold, and brought it in to Andrew to see what could be done to update my bracelet. He said that he could rhodium plate the bracelet to make it look like white gold, but this would eventually wear off and need to be re-plated. Because the bracelet was almost 20 years old and pretty worn out this didn’t seem like a good option. Then he told me that we could order a new bracelet “blank” in white gold, in a more contemporary style, and reset my diamonds. I selected a style that I really liked and 5 days later I had an amazing looking bracelet. Andrew also gave me money for the gold in my old worn out bracelet. This man can do anything…I highly recommend Jewelry by Andrew to everyone.”
Natalie S.
“I had a bunch of diamond that came from an old ring of my Mom’s and I wanted to do something with them. I brought them to Jewelry by Andrew and met with Louise. She suggested that I use these diamonds, which she said were very white and beautiful, to make a “diamond by the yard” necklace. I had always loved these necklaces and had never thought about this possibility. She said that Andrew could set the diamonds in any color gold, and that the chain didn’t need to be the same color. So we set the diamonds in rose gold, and the chain was white. The necklace was incredible, and not a day goes by when I don’t get at least one or two compliments on my necklace. I always tell my friends that Jewelry by Andrew is the place to go for any kind of jewelry repair.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to work on any piece of jewelry no matter where it was purchased.
We can repair the break in the shank. However, we recommend putting on a new half shank, which will be much sturdier than the original and should last a lifetime.
Yes, we will match the color and clarity of the other diamonds in the ring, and repair any broken prongs so that the ring will be as good as new. You will never be able to tell which the new diamonds are.
Of course. This is a very common repair. Tennis bracelets often break because the hinges or pins between each diamond are subjected to constant movement and stress. They wear thin and then eventually break open. We will replace these worn areas with new pins and the bracelet will be as good as new.
We can rhodium plate your yellow gold necklace and turn it white. Rhodium is in the platinum family, and it is a bright white metal that is also used on white gold as a “finish”. You will love your new necklace!
We can make you a beautiful diamond pendant in any kind of setting in white, yellow or rose gold. We can also add a diamond halo to make the stone look even larger. If you prefer, we can also match your diamond and make a new earring for you. We suggest replacing the standard posts with Guardian backs, which are the most secure type of earring back.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.