Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Appraisal

I need an appraisal on my wife’s ring for…how can I get one?  This is a frequently asked question and an easy one to answer…come to Jewelry by Andrew.  Current appraisals are important for insurance replacement purposes, and necessary for anyone who has suffered a jewelry loss.  We strongly encourage everyone to insure their jewelry against loss or theft and an appraisal, written by a qualified, licensed and credentialed jeweler/gemologist, is essential for the valuation and accurate description of each piece to be insured.
Proper evaluation of an individual piece of jewelry is a complicated process; there are many factors to consider.  How old is the item? Is it an antique? Is it a custom piece? What cut are the diamonds? What color? What clarity? What type of colored stones are in the piece? Are the stones natural gemstones or synthetic? What is the metal?  The piece is stamped 18k…is this correct?  Has the piece been modified or is it damaged in any way? Our master gemologist has all of the equipment to test gold and gems to determine whether they are what they appear to be.  Andrew, Master Jeweler and GIA Gemologist, can assess the gemstones and diamonds and grade them accurately.  Jewelry by Andrew has all of the necessary technical equipment, plus 30 years of experience, to accurately describe and value your important piece of jewelry.
At JBA we prefer to not keep your valuable jewelry in our safes unless we have to.   We have had the privilege to appraise the jewelry of many of the “Who’s Who of Kansas City”.  We know that you would rather keep your diamond tennis bracelet, engagement ring, or your Mom’s ruby brooch with you, not us.   Therefore, we do our best to measure and evaluate individual items when you bring them in, and create the appraisals for pick up or mailing afterwards.  Larger estates are evaluated by appointment, and always with respect for our client’s confidentiality.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!
“I recently moved from New Jersey to Kansas City, and I needed to find a new jeweler to update my jewelry insurance information.  I called around to get prices on appraisals,  and I decided to go to Jewelry by Andrew because they not only had the best price for written appraisals but they have a master jeweler on site who is GIA certified.  They took notes and measurements on my pieces, and checked the prongs, etc.  on my engagement ring.  They showed me a broken prong which I was unaware of, and Andrew repaired this for me while I waited!  My appraisals were ready the next day.  I can’t say enough great things about Jewelry by Andrew, their staff and their service.”
Kathy R.
“I brought a bag full of old jewelry in to Jewelry by Andrew.  They separated the fake pieces from the real pieces and I found out that one of the rings in the bag which I thought was fake actually had an old European cut diamond that was over 2 carats.  Bozena suggested that this ring and one other should have written appraisals done for insurance.  They asked my permission to remove the diamond from the mounting to get an accurate carat weight and precise measurements.  They then reset the diamond while I waited and gave me back the ring.  The diamond was 2.13 carats and was appraised at over $11,000.  For a $75 appraisal fee I felt like I hit the jackpot.  I will never go anywhere else with my jewelry.”
“I reset my wife’ s beautiful diamond with a new mounting from Jewelry by Andrew.  The ring was stolen during a break- in at our home, and I had never insured the ring.  I phoned Andrew and Bozena to see if there was anything that could be done to help me.  They said that because they had the notes on my wife’s diamond, plus a diamond certificate, and the style of the ring that they had set the diamond in, they could create an appraisal for me to submit to my insurance company.  They saved us a lot of heartache.  They are not only great jewelers but honest and caring people.”

Frequently Asked Questions

While the value of your ring was appraised 10 years ago, prices of both gold and diamonds have changed dramatically during this time.  Ten year ago pure gold sold for $400/ounce: 2 years ago it reached a record high close to $1800/ounce.  Recently it is hovering around $1200/ounce.  Obviously this increase in metals pricing, plus the increased cost of diamonds means that your old appraisal no longer accurately reflects what it would cost to replace that diamond ring today.  Most insurance companies require a new appraisal every 6-10 years. This protects you and your investment in the long run.
At Jewelry by Andrew we are always happy to check your pieces for you and let you know what is fine and what is costume jewelry.  We will let you know what pieces are worth keeping and insuring and what pieces are simply worth scrap value.
No appraisal is required for selling fine jewelry.  Jewelry by Andrew will value these free of charge and give you an offer to buy the rings.
Yes, we appraise watches as well as any piece of fine jewelry.

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